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Nov 23, 2018
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Product Description
The Plastic lamella tube settlers provide highly efficient settlement of flocculated solids in applications where the volume of sludge accumulated is relatively large. This is where conventional lamella clarifiers really struggle because of their quite small sludge collection cones.
Plastic Lamella tube settlers have provided efficient settlement of suspended solids for more than 30 years and, in that time, have proved their worth many times over.
They are available in a wide range of sizes, for flow rates from approximately 5 to 40m3/h. If your flow rate is higher than that, you can simply use more than one Tube Settler, and divide the flow accordingly.

Features of Plastic Lamella Tube Settlers
1. The wet circumference is large and the hydraulic radius is small.
2. The laminar flow state is good, and the particle sedimentation is not disturbed by the flocculation.
3. When the length of the inclined pipe is 1 meter, the effective load is designed according to 3-5 tons/m2. The V0 is controlled in the range of 2.5-3.0 mm/sec, and the effluent water quality is the best.
4. The honeycomb inclined pipe is used at the water intake. When the pipe length is 2.0 to 3.0 meters, it can be safely operated in the high turbidity of 50-100 kg/m3 mud sand content.
5. The inclined tube settler tank is used, the treatment capacity is 3-5 times of the advection sedimentation tank, and the clarification tank and the pulse clarification tank are 2-3 times.

Opening diameterSheet thicknessPieces/M3

1. Design and build new clarifiers and settling tanks equipped with tube settlers
2. Retrofit existing clarifiers and sedimentation basins with tube modules to increase settling capacity and increase throughput
3. Provide replacement tube modules for existing installations
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