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  1. Jake

    Puffin Help?

    I cannot seem to verify my captcha on puffin when trying to log onto LAB... can anyone help?
  2. Jake

    Trusted Badge/Rare Value Team

    I think casino is a major part of this hotel, and would like to see some users given some roles. Trusted Badge to people who wont scam (regardless of amount) and Rare Valuer Team, to make something to categorize the value of rares on the hotel. What ya think?
  3. Jake

    throne cleaner

    throne cleaner
  4. Jake

    WHo is your favorite artist?

    Lil Wayne is mine and always will be his is the GOAT
  5. Jake

    Faster way to trade limiteds

    LTD's are dumb and take up too much space in inventory kind of bad plan
  6. Jake

    Concealed Guns..

    yep.. people can easily get them too much! bad place for people who are not right in the head
  7. Jake

    Looking to gamble my 27 pestilence horsemen

    I need a horseman of death @everyone someone bet me one
  8. Jake

    What made you join Lab Hotel?

    im a throne cleaner
  9. Jake

    What is your favorite color

    just like the sunset perfect
  10. Jake

    What is your favorite animal?

    the f is a meercat
  11. Jake

    What is your DREAM JOB?

    LMAO... LMAO... in ur dreams
  12. Jake

    Should marijuana be LEGAL EVERYWHERE

    yep its proven to do that in the states and now canada
  13. Jake

    Would you meet someone you met ONLINE

    THats respect,.. nobody ever close to me to meet.
  14. Jake

    Favorite video game of all time?

    never played it
  15. Jake

    for the dudes... TITS OR ASS?

    no way dude TITS
  16. Jake

    IF your child had a disability... would you still raise it

    I dont think i have the patience to do that lol
  17. Jake

    Favorite video game of all time?

    I loved HALO 3 MULTIPLAYER... bes ttimes ever
  18. Jake

    What is your favorite color

    Mine is blue what is yours>
  19. Jake

    Would you meet someone you met ONLINE

    Like on habbo or this retro?