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  1. treebeard

    Favorite Habbo Feature Ever

    Meh i miss the old stacking it was much more fun and strategic. The camera has always been awesome for scripting haha, used to make the funniest manipulated photos on I loved scripting in Lido and Wobble Squabble rooms also.
  2. treebeard

    Favorite Habbo Feature Ever

    What has been your favorite (or some of your favorite) features that Habbo has had over the many many years? For me it's been OG Snowstorm & Battleball, specifically when the top players received Gold, Silver, and Bronze drags. I also really enjoyed the old public rooms like the hallways...
  3. treebeard

    What social media sites do you use?

    I use Discord and I have a Snapchat but rarely use it.
  4. treebeard

    I'm back after a long time

    Welcome back!
  5. treebeard

    What made you join Lab Hotel?

    I was in the Shockwave sectors of Habbo for quite some time and started to miss an actual community since those hotels have such low user bases. I went to FindRetros and saw Lab hotel, upon my first inspection the hotel seemed to have a lot of the things new hotels are missing add to the fact...
  6. treebeard

    YouTube TVs

    Hmmm, interesting. Let me know how that goes, would actually be a pretty cool feat to accomplish in these dark days of Habbo loll.
  7. treebeard

    YouTube TVs

    As far as I know, the Youtube API used in the Habbo client is deprecated and getting that feature to work again would require completely re-doing the portions of the client that utilize it. Which is not exactly the easiest feat seeing as the client code is heavily obfuscated and only one person...