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  1. J

    How to spot a scammer 101

    'official trusted member' if you're talking about the badge, that's a bad idea, most people here can't even be trusted to middle man
  2. J

    Ref System

    This would be a good idea
  3. J

    If you could change genders for a day, what would you do?

    I'd bust a fat nut in my own mouth
  4. J

    What social media sites do you use?

    Facebook seems to be filling up with the older generations, makes sense that Facebook own Instagram, to cover the younger market My go-to is Twitter and SnapChat by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. J

    Why the change?

    I agree w the brightness, I like the layout as a whole it's just... BRIGHT Maybe if there was a 'dark mode', not sure if there is already I haven't looked
  6. J

    desperate to get rid of all my horsemen!

    I just want the coins// looking for offers
  7. J

    desperate to get rid of all my horsemen!

    hmu, will gamble them, or sell for a h/o
  8. J

    ESPORTS.... is it a real sport?

    I would class it as a 'sport' the same way Chess is classed as a 'sport' tbh
  9. J

    Netflix box set suggestions

    Kevin the pedo
  10. J

    Favorite video game of all time?

    But imagine it now in the hands of a good studio, a re-written Fall of man would be class, the rest of the series are dead but Fall of man... shooketh
  11. J

    Easy way to bulk convert Duckets > Coins

    think this could change things up massively if I could change my 100k duckets quicker!
  12. J


    Can of sperm?
  13. J

    VIP Coin/Ducket/Diamond reward Pay day

    So... At current after someone buys a VIP rank, staff manually type out to give that person credits. I think it would be a good idea to make a set day at a set time every month that these items are sent to everyone that is in VIP regardless of when you bought it. To Clarify: User buys VIP and...
  14. J

    Walk of Fame Tile

  15. J

    Faster way to trade limiteds

    but it's perfect for the economy, even if there was just a way to sort the ltds into ascending order, it would be alot better
  16. J

    What is your DREAM JOB?

    A Lead moderator on Lab Hotel!
  17. J

    IF your child had a disability... would you still raise it

    if I found out the child had a disabilty that would damage it's quality of life, early in the pregnancy, i think it should be aborted, but i would never walk from a child who is my own if it had a disability
  18. J

    What is your favorite animal?

    Meerkats and the infamous domesticated dog, both are so cute, nothing beats waking up next to a doggo and giving him a bep or blep