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    Room selling

    This sounds really great! Time saving
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    desperate to get rid of all my horsemen!

    Did you get rid of them?
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    get to know you/me

    Damn sadly I'm taken.
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    Favorite video game of all time?

    When I played Crossfire it was plagued with hackers. Aimbots and wall hacks.
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    Have you ever?

    Have your ever totaled a car in your life? I've lost mine by a damn deer.
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    Show off your building skills!

    Best Room Ever!
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    Puffin Help?

    How long do you think it will take for the app?
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    Looking to gamble my 27 pestilence horsemen

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    Ref System

    That sounds like it would work. It would be neat to have your own links.
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    Ref System

    Good idea. How would you get the ref? Like does that person tell who invited them to the hotel? I wonder how they'll be able to track it
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    Easy way to bulk convert Duckets > Coins

    Okay Thank you.
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    Show off your building skills!

    Really nice. Im gonna check it out
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    Why the change?

    I hated using the admin functions on forums. Some of them were just trash. So what kind of coding this forum run on?
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    Why the change?

    Its really nice and simple. Much easier to use.
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    Trusted Badge/Rare Value Team

    Okay gotcha
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    Why the change?

    Why the change in the forum? its so bright it hurts my eyes lol jk
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    desperate to get rid of all my horsemen!

    okay. I'll think bout it
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    Controversial one... There are only two genders

    Very True!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!