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    What made you join Lab Hotel?

    i got high and remembered zap hotel, put in the url and it redirected me to labhotel.
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    New sorting feature for our inventory?

    Bump of cocaine.
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    How are the 'loot crates' going to work?

    you really want our shit dont you
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    get to know you/me

    Im a 3 foot 6 hobbit from the lonely hills (ps im thicc). I'm single & ready to mingle. hmu.
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    [Nayee] a few things to fix and a few suggestions

    Force State and Free Rotate would be nifty. Force State especially for changing the score on scoreboards.
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    Push/Pull Command

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    New sorting feature for our inventory?

    A new sorting option allowing us to view only our LTD's which are in our inventory. As of right now it's very tedious too scroll down through my floor items which has thousands of norms.
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    What is your DREAM JOB?

    A successful freelance artist.
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    Room selling

    Can vouch for this. I've seen it recently, its pretty nifty.
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    Looking to gamble my 27 pestilence horsemen

    Makes no sense.
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    Show off your building skills!

    That actually looks amazing! Love the theme you went with.
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    Easy way to bulk convert Duckets > Coins

    1:6 is a little crazy.
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    Easy way to bulk convert Duckets > Coins

    a conversion system would be nice.
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    VIP Coin/Ducket/Diamond reward Pay day

    I second this thread.
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    Would you meet someone you met ONLINE

    Maybe, they might be catfishes man.
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    Favorite video game of all time?

    Splatoon 2.
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    SHould abortion be legal?

    Yes. If it was illegal then women would still go about abortions, though it wouldn't be in hospitals.. Making Abortions illegal wouldnt help but create more possibilities for deaths in our world.